Note: For new sellers, please verify your account and add your payout method.

Here's how to list an item to the marketplace:

1. On the dashboard, tap the + icon.

2. Tap the camera icon to add a photo of the product.

- Standard plan up to 2 images and Premium Plan up to 6 images
- The image file size must be less than 5MB.

We are currently offering a free premium plan to all sellers as a way to help businesses during COVID-19. Click here to know more about it.

3. Choose Category

When choosing product categories, it is important to note that sellers need to classify them as accurately as possible. Correctly categorizing your products ensures that every time a buyer searches for a particular category in the marketplace, that item will be displayed.

To add a category, enter a name in the text field or tap the radio button next to the category name.
If you were unable to find the right category, scroll down and select Other, and then enter the best category name for your item.

4. Add Basic Info

  • Order Type - Choose if your item will be available for preorder and/or regular order

  • Listing title - add the name of your product

  • Describe your product

  • Enter how many quantities are you selling

  • Select the unit of measure of your listing (ex.per bag, per piece, per kg)

  • Pricing - you can list your item on its regular price or add discount

  • Listing Options - add varieties or add-ons (ex. flavor, sauce)

  • (optional) Add best-by date

  • Listing availability - set the time your item is available to order

  • (optional) Add the ingredients

  • Choose if your item is available for purchase for buyers under the age of 20

5. Choose the handling method available for this item.

6. Add Advance Order Options (Optional)

The option to add a promotional banner is one of the perks you get for being a Premium member. 

Some of the advantages of using a promotional banner are as follows:

- promote your product in a creative and more effective way to attract potential buyers and increase sales

- great for seasonal advertising (ex. Valentine's day promo, Christmas day promo)

- buyers will be familiar with your products

We are currently offering a free premium plan to all sellers as a way to help businesses during COVID-19.

7. Choose what payment option/s you accept for this item.

Congratulations! You have successfully listed your product in the Marketplace. Go ahead and add more!