Paying your balance on time is important to avoid suspension of your account. Always keep track of your balance and its due date by going to the balance page.

You can pay your balance by either using a credit/debit card or through a direct bank deposit. When paying your balance, please note that the minimum payment amount is ¥50. 

1. Go to "Store"

2. Go to "Earnings/Balance" tab

3. Tap "Pay Now"


For sellers paying for the first time via card:

1. Tap "Add New"

2. Add card details. 

3. Tap the card details and confirm payment

4. Payment will be processed

For sellers paying through bank deposit:

1. Check the bank account information

2. Once payment is done, please type the transaction number and the date of the transaction.  Tap "Next"

3. Confirm the payment


If you happen to encounter any payment issues, kindly contact us by submitting a ticket through our Help & Support page.