How does it work?

For each completed order paid through online payment (credit/debit card), a percentage of the total amount equivalent to 11% will be automatically deducted for service fee. 

However, if the payment was through in-store payments like cash, Line Pay, Google Pay, WAON, Rakuten Edy and other available in-store options accepted in the store, the service fee will be added to your account as balance.


A buyer placed an order in your store and chooses to pay via Google Pay (In-store payment). See image for reference.

As the payment is made outside of the application, the service fee for the completed order is added to your account balance.

Order Details screen

To know how to view order details, kindly click here.

Balance Transaction History Screen

To know how to view "Balance Transaction History", kindly click here.

Currently, all sellers can take advantage using all premium features, free of use, as a way of helping sellers during these difficult times.

One of the advantages of Premium plan is the minimal percentage of the service fee which is equivalent to 11% only of the total amount of every successful order. 

If you have any concerns regarding your balance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team by submitting a ticket through our Help & Support page. One of our team members will review your concern and get in touch with you as soon as they can.

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