Under certain circumstances, buyers may cancel their order before or after the seller prepares the item. However, multiple cancellations may result in either temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

Kindly contact the seller via the chat feature of the app before cancelling your order. 

Make sure to enter your additional comments before confirming the cancellation. This is to ensure that our team will better understand the reason behind it and in turn, be able to acknowledge if it's valid or not.

The table below shows the counterpart action when excessive cancellation has been detected on your account.

1ST OFFENSETotal of 2 cancellations with invalid reasons.If the interval of the first and second cancellation is less than 1 hour.Warning Message
2ND OFFENSETotal of 3 cancellations with invalid reasons. within 24 hrs24-48 hrs account suspension
3RD OFFENSETotal of 5 cancellations with invalid reasons. within 7 daysTemporary or permanent account suspension
FINAL OFFENSETotal of 2 account suspensionwithin 30 daysPermanent account suspension