When listing an item, it is important to ensure that the details added are accurate and relevant to the product itself to maintain a good buying experience for the buyers. Please see and adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Upload actual images of the product

2. Enter correct product name

3. Enter correct/most relevant category of the product

4. Enter an informative description of the product

5. Add best-by date details (if applicable)

6. Prohibit products that are not applicable to be ordered for buyers under age 20.

7. Set the right price

8. Review or enter handling details

9. Add payment method(s) you accept for each item

10. Update status of the items in your store if:
- Sold Out

- Need to be paused for the time being (example: store is currently busy due to large volume of orders)
- Need to be archived

11. Do not duplicate listed items.

12: Do not list prohibited items in your store.

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