In addition to Credit Card Payments (In-app payment), you can also accept cash and other payments at your store (At location payment).

If you choose to accept At Location Payments, you will make a payment of 11% sales commission of the selling price by credit card or bank transfer/deposit. Settlement is closed at the end of the month and paid on the 7th of the following month.

The seller will be responsible for the bank transfer fee.

The transfer information is as follows.

Kanji will be displayed by typing according to the alphabet in Brackets.

金融機関名/Bank Name 


 (Rakuten ginkou) 

支店名/Branch Name


(Daiyon eigyou shiten) 

預金種別/Account Type

(Futsuu yokin) 

口座番号/Account Number

口座名義/Account name (katakana)

Name: ドノドジャパン合同会社

(Donodo Japan goudou gaisya)

Display Name in Katakana: ト゛ノト゛シ゛ヤハ゜ン(ト゛ 


Please enter bananaq UID number

e.g. S1234567890