Here's how to:

1. Go to "Orders"

2. Tap "Prepare" on the order you want to cancel

3. Tap "More Options"

4.Tap "Cancel Order"

5. Tap the dropdown icon and choose a reason for cancellation.  Once done, tap Confirm.

Cancellation Rules: 

- When a seller initiates to cancel an order before or after preparing it:

  • (For paid orders) The buyer will receive the full amount paid for the order.
  • Seller's will shoulder the 3.6% processing fee for issuing a refund.

Step 1
Step 2  
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5 

  • Below is the confirmation once you have successfully cancelled the order.

  • A "Cancelled" tag will be added to the order details once the order has been successfully cancelled.


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