1. Go to Settings > Tap "Become a Buyer"

2. Complete Buyer Profile

Complete your seller profile by adding the details below:

a. Add profile photo

b. Enter last name

c. Enter first name

d. Enter nickname

e. Enter phone number or email address 
    - Depending on what you used for registration, either of the 2 is auto-populated and cannot be changed at the point of registration

f. Select gender

g. Select Date of Birth

h. Add location

3. Add Payment Method

Add a credit or debit card for your payment method

4. Choose food preference

Choose what products you would mostly browse in the marketplace from the available categories. This will help us show relevant listings matching your preference(s).

Now you're all set! You may now start browsing the marketplace and make that first order! Enjoy!

After creating a buyer account, you can now switch from buyer to seller and vice versa by going to
Settings > Switch to Seller/
Switch to Buyer.

Important: The switching feature will only be enabled if the phone number/email you registered when creating a seller profile is the same as the one you registered in your buyer account. 

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A guide to signing up as a buyer: Download pdf file and follow steps 2-4.