Account, Fees, and Earnings

1.  Is there a registration fee?
No, registering a seller account is absolutely free.

2.  What are the requirements to register as seller?

You only need 1 valid government ID to verify your identity and an active bank account to setup your payout method. 

3.  Is there a commission fee?

Yes, there is. All Marketplace sellers will be charged an 11% commission fee for each completed transaction.

4.  How do I get paid?

After an order is completed, credit card transaction payments from buyers will be credited to your incoming earnings. You can payout your earnings manually, 3 days after every transaction.

5.  Do I need to have a physical store to qualify as a seller?
No. Home-based sellers, farmers, and other sellers who do not own a store are welcome to sell in bananaq.


1.  What listings are allowed?

You can list a wide variety of food products like specialty food items, fresh fruits and vegetables, dry goods, frozen foods and many more.

2.  How many products can I add to my store?
There is no limit to the number of items you can sell.