Thank you so much for downloading our app! 

We're working really hard to make meaningful changes and get the app that works best for all our users. Below is a list of updates we have introduced in the recent versions.

New Updates! Monday, September 27

Version 2.6.10


Release Notes: 2.6.3

- Fixed the issue of unable to save handling method if the only selection is Delivery by Courier
- Fixed the issue of default language changes from JP to ENG after updating to the new version
- Added a note below Available Quantity under Basic Info in Manage Listing
- Updated text spacings in the marketplace, store profile, and active order details page
- Updated the balance payment process
- Fixed the issue of incorrect order of listing images in listing summary
- Updated the Pre-order handling method process
- Added ‘View Store’ button inactive order details page
- Updated progress bar visibility in extend time page
- Fixed redirection issue in profile page
- Fixed loading icon in the marketplace

New Updates! Tuesday, August 31

Version 2.5.10


Release Notes: 2.5.10 
-Fixed infinite loading when editing a listing
-Updated initial item listings load to sort by nearby listings
-Added confirmation message when marking as 'Payment Received'.
-Updated all 'Take-out' text to 'Take-out/Pick-up'
-Added tooltip message in 'Delivery By Seller' configuration in manage listing
-Updated tooltip message in 'At location' configuration in manage listing
-Updated the radio buttons behavior to checkbox in checkout
-Updated the redirection process when updating the app in google play store
-Disabled hide/unhide option of the Payment and Handling Method in Manage Orders
-Updated the order status update process on seller side
-Changed the error message to modal when seller is trying to create listing without payout method
-Updated coupon error message
-Added minimum order amount rule in promo code

New Updates! Sunday, August 24

Version 2.5.9


-Fixed redirection issue in food donation screens
-Added extend preparation time feature
-Fixed English and Japanese translations

New Updates! Sunday, August 8

Version 2.5.7


-Fixed identity verification issue under verifications page

New Updates! Saturday, July 31

Version 2.5.6


-Unusual black screen after a successful identity verification during the registration process.
-Successful identity verification not getting saved.
-Incorrect display of ongoing payment amount and current balance.

New Updates! Saturday, July 17

Version 2.5.4


-Fixed the issue when changing order type when creating a listing

-Fixed the issue  in the Advanced order option

-Changed the back button behavior in manage listing

-Updated Japanese translations

-Updated button name from 'Prepare' to 'New' and changed color to yellow

-Fixed black screen when uploading a photo

New Updates! Tuesday, July 13

Version 2.5.2


- Updated share listing feature’s UI and added in-app notification and deep linking

- Updated UI that are related to promo feature

- Added ability to copy texts in the app and convert addresses and websites to hyperlink

Added Bank Deposit as Payment Option for App Balance

Fixed order type behavior in creating a listing workflow

Fixed keyboard issues

Re-organization and redirection fixes in Earnings and Balance screen

Fixed upload/capture photo modal behavior

New Updates! Friday, July 02

Version 2.5.0


- Added notification center feature

- Updated translations

- Added order type configuration in manage listing

- Updated radio buttons behavior in checkout only

- Removed the google map pin screen in buyer’s registration

- Removed address English translation fields on the Japanese side

- Updated share message

- Updated item listing summary

- Changed the notification/message bubble fill color to yellow

- Removed 0% discount option

- Added quick link to redirect user to Balance Payment Method

- Updated location permission message

New Updates! Friday, June 25

Version 2.4.4


- Updated order statuses arrangement to be in one line
- Changed the notification/message bubble fill color to yellow
- Added quick link to Pay Balance screen in the Balance Payment Screen
- Updated shipping fee computation
- Added SMS feature to all transaction updates
- Disabled preorder ‘recurring’ and ‘featured item’ radio buttons
- Changed the pre-order daily quantity limit note to tooltip
- Added tooltip for ‘Others’ In-store payment method screen
- Added tooltip text box in basic info screen under manage listing
- Adjusted the Quick and Full Edit buttons to have the same button size
- Fixed other minor issues found
- Updated translations


- Fixed dismiss button in buyer's notification

New Updates! Friday, June 18

Version 2.4.3
  • Fixed grey screen issue in checkout
  • Added hotlinking and copy to clipboard feature to addresses and website links
  • Updated the hint on the address form
  • Updated loading message dialog in basic info of manage listing

Tuesday, June 6

Version 2.4.2


  • Added share item feature in favorite items list and store page
  • Added count of product likes
  • Updated multi-select image picker to single-select for optimization purposes
  • Fixed overlapping quantity selector in checkout page
  • Removed spacing in address texts when searching for city/ward to improve searchability.
  • Fixed verification icons alignment in buyer's profile page
  • Added edit images and categories feature
  • Added option to show password in log-in and sign-up page
  • Updated labels and translations


  • Users may now view multiple product images uploaded by sellers

Tuesday, June 1

Hi all -  Happy Tuesday! Here's what's new in today's release.

Version 2.3.12


・Added hint in search field when locating an address. We added a hint so users will know it's quicker and      easier to search a location using the postal code combination instead of starting with ward or city name. 

Message to update to new version. We added a special message whenever there's a new version of the app. You will see this as soon as you open/relaunch the app. Please make sure to click 'update' now so you don't miss out any of our new features and bug fixes. 
Auto-scroll guide in checkout is now available. We made it easier to complete to checkout process by adding an auto-scroll so users will be brought to the next step once they completed a section. We also added numbers so users know what step in the checkout they're in.
Delivery by courier option in checkout has now an update address option. Buyers may now change the default delivery address to a different one. This works in case you want to gift a product to a friend or just if you're ordering the product on behalf of another person.
Quantity text field is now available in checkout. To provide an easy way to edit the quantity, especially if it's a big number, buyers now has the ability to enter the number manually instead of clicking the + or - button. 
Version display in the menu section is now available. We added the version number in the menu so it's visible to users.
・Release notes button is now added. When a new version becomes available, a message will be displayed as soon as the app is launched with the ability to view the release notes which redirects to this page. 
Seller and Store Profile image upload size is increased to 5mb.
・Cash transactions option is now available in earning history. 
・System's font size will set to default instead of adjusting to user's current settings. Users will now be able to use the app with its default text size settings to avoid unusual screen displays. 


Other in-store payment options are now disabled if the chosen handling method is delivery by courier. Only only payments such as credit/debit cards is the acceptable payment method when requesting delivery of product via courier. In tore payments are not applicable and are removed from the options to avoid confusing buyers.