Seller Registration

1. Account Registration

Complete account registration by using either email address or phone number.

a) Choose language

b) Tap "I'm a Seller"   

c) Tap "Sign Up"

d) Sign up using either email address or phone number

e) Verify OTP


For Email Only: Password must have:

  • A minimum of 8 characters
  • At least one uppercase letter (A to Z)
  • At least one lowercase letter (a to z)
  • At least one number (0 to 9)
  • No Spaces

  • Enter the OTP within 120 seconds.
  • If you were unable to do so, you may request a new OTP after 120 seconds by tapping "Resend OTP"
  • OTP sent to email: Please check your email under promotions for the one-time password (OTP).
  • If you were unable to receive the OTP under promotions, kindly check your spam folder.
  • OTP sent to phone: Please check your messages for the one-time password (OTP)
  • If you were unable to receive the OTP, kindly check if the phone number entered is correct.

2. Complete Seller Profile

Complete your seller profile by adding the details below:

  a) Enter last name

  b) Enter first name

  c) Verify Identity 

  d) Enter phone number or email address 

     - Depending on what you used for registration, either of the 2 is auto-populated and cannot be changed at the point of registration

  e) Select gender

   f) Set date of birth

  g) Add profile photo

  h) Add your address  

    - Please see detailed guide on how to add location.

   i) Add details about your store


Q: What if my verification got rejected?
A: If it was rejected kindly see article on How to resolve rejected verification?

3. Complete Store Profile

Complete your store profile by adding the details below: 

  a) Add store name

  b) Select what type of a seller are you (example: Grower/Producer, Retailer/Convenience Store)

  c) Select categories that best describe the items you sell

  d) Add store cover photo

  e) Add store location
       - Please see detailed 
guide on how to add location 

   f) Set store hours

  g) Add store website

  h) Add store phone number
      Note: The phone number entered in this field will receive order notifications via text message.

4. Choose Handling Method

Please select at least one from the following options:

A. At location

- Choose availability: Dine in, Take out, or both.

- Set preparation time

B. Delivery by Seller
- Set delivery range (area which you can only deliver)
- Add delivery time: Can be the same as store hours or set manually

- Set preparation time

- Set delivery fee: Offer free delivery or add fee manually

C. Delivery by Courier
- Choose preferred shipment company

- Choose packaging requirement

- Select who will shoulder the shipping charges: Seller or Buyer

- If buyer:

    - Select delivery location(s) and add corresponding shipping charges

- If seller:

    - Select if shipping fee is included in the item price or if store offers free shipping

NOTE: The service fee is equivalent to 11% of the total sales amount. Service fee does not apply to delivery/shipping fees. To know more please see article about fees.

5. Choose Payment Method
Choose what payment option/s would you like to accept in your store. Please choose at least one method:

A. Online Payment: 

- Credit/Debit card

Online payments are processed inside the application. Service fee is automatically deducted after every successful order. To know more please see article about fees.

B. In-store payment:

- Cash
- Other in-store payment options: 

  • Paypay
  • Google Pay
  • Nanaco
  • Line Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Rakuten Edy
  • WAON

    In-store payments are made outside the application. 

    Note: The service fee will be added to your account balance each time an order was successfully completed using in-store payments.

Important: Before you can start selling, you'll need to verify your account and add a valid bank account.

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